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This area is a perpetual work in progress. My goal is to create a suite of webpages designed to make finding information on the Internet quick and painless. To use the online version of these pages, please use the menu bar at the top of this page.

using these files locally

If you download all of these pages and put them in the same directory on your computer, you can use one of them as your local start page. The pages will load faster and you won't have to be online to use some of the features.

Click here to download a Zip file (35.2KB) of all the tool pages, including the CSS and JavaScript files that go with them. Extract them to a folder on your computer. I recommend using search.html as the default homepage for your browsers.

Latest release: version 1.6.0 -- November 22, 2003


All of the [ccc] Tools pages use extensive CSS and JavaScript, and work best in modern browsers. Javascript and menus are known to work in:


All [ccc] Tools pages are copyright Michael O'Rourke/Cosmic Cat Creations. Permission is granted for the use of these files on a personal computer or intranet. Public (internet-wide) redistribution of these pages or their contents is prohibited without express written consent.