TextDateTime Screenlet

TextDateTime Screenlet

version: 2009.08.10
date: August 10, 2009
platform: Linux
author: Michael O'Rourke, a.k.a. Momo
publisher: Cosmic Cat Creations
license: freeware (GPL v3)

This screenlet just displays a formatted date/time, but it allows you to select any font and optionally display a customizable frame or drop shadow. Instead of looking like a widget, it can look like text that's part of your desktop wallpaper. I think the screenshots really speak for themselves.

Program Features:

  • Customizable date/time format displayed in any font
  • Optional drop shadow with adjustable distance
  • Optional frame with adjustable padding and text alignment

Like most screenlets, right-click on a visible portion of the screenlet for a context menu and select "Properties..." to access the customizable settings.



  • Coming soon!


Source code: