Momo's AOL Anti-idle

Momo's AOL Anti-idle

version: 2.6
date: February 27, 2001
platform: Windows95/98/Me/NT/2000
author: Momo
publisher: Cosmic Cat Creations
license: freeware

Automatically clicks AOL's idle/timer popup windows so you don't get signed off. It sits in your System Tray and "sleeps" when you aren't using AOL, and has a compact set of preferences to control its behavior.

The program contains a 'keep-alive' feature to trick versions of AOL that check for network traffic, and may be used with other ISPs.

Compatible with AOL versions 2.5, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, and 6.0. Support for AOL 7.0 and greater is not included.

Program Features:

This program places an icon in your system tray (on the Windows taskbar) while it is running. Right-click on the system tray icon for an option menu. You can turn the program on and off, open the Settings window, read an informational popup, or exit the program.

Double-click the system tray icon to bring up the Settings window. The Settings window lets you configure the program. All of your settings are saved in the registry, so you don't have to configure the program every time you run it.

Bugs / Issues:

• The program automatically clicks a few popups similar to the 'You have been idle...' popup window. One of these is the 'Confirm Member Profile Delete' popup. This issue cannot be resolved due to programming limitations, so if this program clicks a popup that you need to access, simply turn it off. If you're using the ping feature, you can turn off the "click idle messages" option.

• The program may not run, or may display an error message saying a required file cannot be found. This error is caused by AOL. If you use AOL to unzip the file, it can become corrupted. Using any non-AOL unzipping utility (like Winzip or NetZip) should prevent anti.exe from getting corrupted.


Support for this software is no longer available.


This software is completely free.