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When I was in first grade, one of my friends could draw He-Man quite well. At the time, we all looked up to him as a great artist. I barely drew, and when I did draw it was simple airplanes and misshapen horses.

Skip forward to fifth or sixth grade, when the GATE program at school meant we did less work than all the other students and spent an inordinate amount of time being creative with friends in the classroom. We built box traps and message chutes, had a tabletop hockey tournament, played lots of Mad Libs, papier-mache'd a giant ball a few times a year, and at one point I made flipbook movies in all of my paperback books, most of them featuring stick figures and explosions.

Ever since that year, I've doodled and sketched whenever my surroundings failed to entertain me. Middle school doodles were sparse, but things got elaborate in high school. In senior year Calculus, I spent ALL of my time drawing on my folder and desks and got kicked back to Trig/Pre-Calc where I could do the classwork without thinking and continue to draw all period.

College brought into my life the "required sketchbook". I never filled any of them completely, but I carried them just about everywhere...even took one to Europe, just in case I got inspired.

Anyways. There's far too many sketches to post them all, so I'll just post my favorites. Enjoy. :)

Kelp Cover
Bonsai Under Pressure
Dancing Brass
Cherry Bomb
Celtic Mo