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Signed by Take A Wild Guess...12:12am ~ Jun. 29th, 2003
You really need to update this thing. And your journal.
Signed by Michele4:03pm ~ Feb. 5th, 2003
Very cool site big guy. I give it two snaps in a circle...
Hope things are well with you...
Signed by Gogeta  [ website: Ever Zelda Dream (Under Construction) ]9:39pm ~ Sep. 30th, 2002
Nice site. Ever since Slim intorduced me to you and your site, it's been cool. Peace.
Signed by Angélique5:29am ~ Sep. 15th, 2002
Hi Momo, I'm French and live in the South of France. I've tried desperatly to find your e-mail adress but couldn't so I write you here. I want to thank you very much for the software "Anti-T AOL". I tried to find something like this for 2 years ! I have AOL 7.0 and it works with this version too. Thank you again, a thousand times. Angélique
Signed by Kristie7:52pm ~ Sep. 13th, 2002
HI MOMO!!!!!
Signed by Luna  [ website: Luna's Lair ]3:57pm ~ Mar. 28th, 2002
Awesome name for the Cat..hehehe and the site is way groovy
Signed by Sean8:54am ~ Mar. 7th, 2002
Nice lookin site, i found it after installing anti-idle on my pc, cause i was looking for an update, can anyone help me with this?
Signed by Waltah  [ website: Reflections ]8:38pm ~ Mar. 1st, 2002
momo r0wkz
Signed by April  [ website: Untitled ]7:42pm ~ Feb. 18th, 2002
Nice web site! If anyone likes rating sites, please visit mine and tell me what you think!
Signed by Gaby  [ website: gabryella ]3:24pm ~ Jan. 16th, 2002
cool site dude!! I love it.
Signed by ArSaL8:48pm ~ Jan. 7th, 2002
awesome site! i like the layout, looks awesome and it looks awesome....great job!!
Signed by Nia  [ website: The Burning Heart ]11:57am ~ Dec. 11th, 2001
Like, wow.
Signed by Rachel  [ website: The Crack Up ]8:10pm ~ Nov. 25th, 2001
oooooooooh! Suck on my chocolate salty balllllllllss!
Signed by Brian  [ website: gods of the net ]1:02pm ~ Nov. 22nd, 2001
Happy thanksgiving everyone! Site's looking great mike0r. Keep up the good work0r.
Signed by Nia  [ website: The Burning Heart ]9:51pm ~ Nov. 16th, 2001
Signed by brian  [ website: gods of the net ]5:54pm ~ Nov. 16th, 2001
sup mike! :)