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[image: Ragnarok Online - Py on the peninsula]

Who is Py?

Py is my online gaming handle.

I couldn't use Momo because there was already a Clan MOMO on Unreal Tournament, and I didn't want to deal with accusations of posing or related questions. So I went with something relatively obscure. Py is a character in a Ray Bradbury story entitled "Tomorrow's Child". He's a newborn baby who, due to complications with new birthing equipment, was born into another dimension. His representation in our dimension is a small blue pyramid, and he sees our world in different geometries. He isn't amazing, and he doesn't have special powers, he's just different. That's probably why I love the handle so much.

My current game of choice is Ragnarok Online. It's a massively multiplayer online role-playing/community game, with ridiculously cute graphics. It's an open beta, so it's free to download and play right now. A representative at this year's E3 expo said it's only 30% done, so it's going to continue to be an open beta until at least this winter. The servers they're currently using get laggy and broken on a regular basis, but sometimes it's worth enduring.

[image: Ragnarok Online - Py hiding in foliage]

Anyways, my main character - ^Py^ - is a piddly little thief, currently level 14/10 with no outstanding items or attributes. I'm building him as an AGI (agility) thief, which means at later levels he'll attack quickly and be really hard to hit. But right now, his lack of vitality means he takes quite a bit of damage when enemies *do* hit, and they are going to continue to hit him often until I've gained another 10 job levels (gotta learn Increase Dodge).

I've been leveling up in one of the forests lately, and return to Prontera every once in a while to sell the little items I've collected. I'm currently saving up for a Buckler (best shield for a thief), and then I'll want a Helm (best headgear) or a Gladius (best non-rare dagger), but it's gonna take quite some time to rack up the money for those. My favorite leveling spot has been a little peninsula three maps south of Prontera, and after a few levels I'll move further south to fight more difficult enemies. If you see me lounging on the edge of a cliff, stop by and chat a while.

Other games you might see me playing:

ph33r the cute ones.