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[image: Luna and Momo]

My name is Michael. Also known as Mo, Momo, Momokatte, ^Py^, That Damned Cat, Momo the Tahitian Princess, and Some Weird Guy Standing on Your Front Lawn at Midnight.

At first glance I'm a somewhat tall, slightly overweight guy of unknown nationality who doesn't use enough gel to keep his hair spiky all day and wears just enough black to make people nervous. At second glance, I'm either one of those people your mom is afraid of or someone who might save you from one of those people your mom is afraid of.

I'd love to explain what kind of person I am, but it's quite difficult because I enjoy so many things -- for example, hanging out with friends, watching movies, playing video games, watching football, playing golf, riding bicycles, going for walks at midnight, programming, travelling, adventuring, learning, circumventing or disabling security devices, fixing things, breaking things, cooking things, burning things, making things, catnapping, and world domination. Put that all together and you'll probably wonder if you've met me before at a party or in a parking garage.

I was born in southern California, moved to San Francisco for a job and lived around there for a year and a half, and now I'm back in Los Angeles where the coast is mostly beaches, the traffic isn't as hard to avoid, and the cost of living is ever-so-slightly lower. I'm currently moving into a cozy little studio apartment near the beach, and will be seeking full-time employment as soon as I decide what I want to be this year.

More as it unfolds.