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[image: Luna pawing at a paper ball]

Luna is my cat. Originally named Bella, I dubbed her Bellaluna when I adopted her last summer and address her as Luna most of the time. She's a domestic mediumhair, black and charcoal and very dark auburn with faint patches of white on her chest and belly. She was born around March of 2001, but I don't know the exact date so this year I declared it March 17th -- St. Patrick's Day -- and celebrated appropriately. [by wearing green! duh!]

Luna's adjusted to Southern California just fine -- my little upstairs studio apartment is her domain, and she spends a lot of time sitting in windows watching the world go by. I know she has a sense of adventure and would love to go outside and chase birds and squirrels, but indoor cats live a lot longer than outdoor cats so she'll have to settle for chasing mice and moths. Not that my apartment has mice or moths, but those can both be arranged.

[image: Luna capturing a paper ball]

Have I mentioned that we're both evil?

The pictures on this page are from April 2002, and Luna's sporting a cute little raver glow-stick necklace while chasing and capturing her favorite toy -- a crumpled paper ball. A quarter sheet of paper is preferable, because Luna likes to pick them up with both paws and bat them around and basically go haywire all over the apartment. The paper balls always end up out of reach under the refrigerator, but I have a supply of paper that can outlast her supply of energy any day.

I really wish I could do some nice long-exposure portrait shots of Luna, but she never seems to hold still when there's a camera pointed in her direction.