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Welcome to The Litterbox, once upon a time the replacement newsletter for the Nice People Only chatroom on AOL and now the personal website of the artist commonly known as Momo. Here you will find Momo's art gallery, sketches, photography, poetry, online journal, and other stuff that may or may not be interesting. It's, like, a homepage. ;) You can navigate this site using the chess pieces at the top of the page.

Recent additions:
Vortex (sketchbook, Sept. 13)
SD Munak (gallery, Sept. 13)
The Plant (gallery, Sept. 13)
updated Py's page (bios, May 28)
updated Luna's page (bios, Apr. 26)
Schooner Pin (gallery, Feb. 22)
Kelp Cover (sketchbook, Feb. 21)

[image: Drink Me]

[2004.05.03] I'm busy.

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