[ccc] AOL stuff
How to keep AOL from adding spaces to your AOL profile

In member profiles, AOL breaks up any consecutive string of 27 non-space characters (a long URL, like http://members.aol.com/stevecase/index.htm, or a long word, like supercalifragilisticexpialidocious).

If I put this page's URL in my profile, it would end up looking like this:
http://www.cosmicat.com/ao l/profile/url.php
See the space in there?

It is possible, using <u >, to trick AOL into not breaking up your long strings. To 'fix' this page's URL, I would have to type this in my profile:

http://www.cosmicat.com/<u >aol/profile/url.php

When the profile is processed, it will take out the <u > tag, and voilá! The URL is now intact! You can add as many tags as necessary to keep AOL from breaking up your long string. Just count out 25 characters (or less) and then add a <u > tag, so you never have more than 27 characters in a row. Example:

http://www.cosmicat.com/<u >aol/secrets/hidden<u >/xtips.php