[ccc] AOL stuff
Using picture fonts in your AOL profile

You can specify any picture font in your AOL profile, but the only common picture fonts for IBM-PCs and Macs are Symbol and Wingdings. Webdings was once pushed by Microsoft as a core font, but not everybody has it.

How to use picture fonts:

This is the same as using any other font in your profile, except instead of using legible Western characters, you're using pictographic characters. For example, the letter "A" displays as a hand in the Webdings font. To insert that hand in your profile, the code would look like this:

< font . size="7" face="Webdings">A

Unless you're putting the picture at the very end of your profile, don't forget to change back to a normal font afterward:

< font . size="7" face="Webdings">A< font . size="3" face="Arial">


If you aren't familiar with using fonts in your profile yet, please go here to learn.

The card suits (heart, diamond, club, spade) are extended characters in the Symbol set, and do not display on Macintosh systems. Therefore I have decided not to add those characters to the font tables. Please do not write to me about them.