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How to insert hyperlinks in your AOL profile

AOL decided to let Hometown members put homepage links in their profiles...now you can put links to anything in yours! Send people to AOL keywords, link to your webpage or favorite sites, even let people download pictures or other files...just by clicking a link in your profile!

How to insert links:

The link tag:< a . href="link address">link text< /a . >

Here's an example of a link to a long URL:
< a . href="http://<u >www.yahoo.com/<u >help/index.htm<u >">Yahoo! Help Page< /a . >

Insert <u > tags as needed, making sure that you never have more than 27 characters in a row. It helps to put a <u > at the end of your URL, because you can't put a space after the last quotes (it causes links to not work on Macs). For more info on long URLs, click here.

You can use my Link Generator to create link code automatically. Simply input your link text and address, and it will create code that you can copy and paste directly into your profile. You can also use my Chatroom Link Generator to create chatroom link code automatically. It's easy. :)

Any AOL keyword:


Example of the address for AOL keyword QUICKMENU:
Popular AOL links:

'IM me' address: aol://9293:screenname

'Locate me' address: aol://3548:screenname

'E-Mail me' address: mailto:screenname

Private Chat room address: aol://2719:2-2-roomname

Spaces in chat room names must be replaced with %20, like so:
Member Chat room addresses:
Town Square - aol://2719:61-2-roomname
Arts and Entertainment - aol://2719:62-2-roomname
Friends - aol://2719:74-2-roomname
Life - aol://2719:63-2-roomname
News, Sports, and Finance - aol://2719:64-2-roomname
Places - aol://2719:65-2-roomname
Romance - aol://2719:66-2-roomname
Special Interests - aol://2719:67-2-roomname
UK - aol://2719:69-2-roomname
Canada - aol://2719:71-2-roomname
Japan - aol://2719:73-2-roomname
AOL Brazil - aol://2719:79-2-roomname

Don't forget to use <u > to break up strings longer than 27 characters!

How to change your link colors:
Unvisited link: < body . link="#xxxxxx">
Visited link: < body . vlink="#xxxxxx">
...where xxxxxx is a color hexcode. color codes...

Put these towards the beginning of your profile. You can combine them, or add them to a background color tag, like so:
< body . bgcolor="#000000" link="#FFFF00" vlink="#FF0000">