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Momo's AOL Profile Chatroom Link Generator

Simply type in your link text, select the type of chat room, type in the room name, and click the button. Your link code will appear in the last textbox. You can cut and paste it directly to your AOL profile. Enjoy!

1. Type link text here:

2. Select a room type:

3. Type your room name here:

4. Click this button:

5. Copy this code and paste it in your profile:

Room names cannot start with a number and cannot contain punctuation marks. They are also limited to 20 characters in length. My script does what it can to make sure your room name is valid. If it makes any changes to your room name, the fixed room name will appear in Box #3 when you click the button.

You cannot create new Public rooms. If you create a link to a Public room that doesn't exist, it won't work.

This script doesn't work in some browsers, since it uses JavaScript 1.2. If no text appears in the last box when you click the button, try using a different browser (like Netscape or MSIE).