[ccc] AOL stuff
How to change font attributes in your AOL profile

Changing font attributes is fun, but remember...don't overdo it! Annoying profiles can be worse than boring profiles. And font tags take up a lot of your limited profile space.

The font tag structure:

< font . size="x" color="#xxxxxx" back="#xxxxxx" face="font name">

Font tags change the attributes of text after the tag.

This means you cannot affect the field name of the first one you type in. It will always appear as black 3-point Arial text. For most of you this will be the "Member Name:" field name.

Also, for those of you who are familiar with HTML, the normal closing tag </font> doesn't work in AOL profiles.

How to change text color:

The font color tag: < font . color="#xxxxxx">

...where xxxxxx is a color hexcode. color codes...

For example, to make some fields blue, I could do this:

Member Name: < font . color="#0000FF">Momo < font . color="#000000">
Location:< font . color="#0000FF">the beach < font . color="#000000">
Hobbies:< font . color="#0000FF">skimboarding

Which would make my profile look like this:

Member Name: Momo
Location:the beach
How to change font faces:

The font face tag: < font . face="font name" >

...where 'font name' is the name of a font.

Fonts common to most computers nowadays are Arial (Helvetica), Times New Roman, Courier New, Comic Sans MS, Wingdings, and Symbol. If you use anything else, don't expect everyone else to be able to see it.

The font faces 'Helvetica' and 'Arial' are different names for the same font. They will default to Helvetica on Macs and Arial on IBM-PCs unless you have both fonts installed.

How to change font size:

The font size tag: < font . size="x" >

...where x is a number from 1 to 7. Normal font size is 3.

How to make really big text:

The font point-size tag: < font . ptsize="x" >

...where x is a number from 1 to 100. Normal font size is 10.

How to make highlighted text (text with a background color):

The font background color tag: < font . back="#xxxxxx" >

...where xxxxxx is a color hexcode. color codes...

How to make bold text:

The bold tag: <h7>text</h7>

How to make italic text:

The italic tag: <h3>text</h3>

This tag turns your text color back to black, so if you want to use another color you'll have to do this:

<h3>< font . color="#xxxxxx">text</h3>

How to make underlined text:

You can't.

How to make strikeout text:

You can't.