[ccc] AOL stuff
general FAQ
Do these tips and tricks work for all versions and languages of AOL?

Most don't have to do with the actual AOL software, so they should work on all platforms. However, AOL is notorious for being lame, and I have only tested these tricks on Win95 and Win98 using U.S. versions of AOL.

If you try any AOL tip or trick listed on this site and it doesn't work for you, your version of AOL probably doesn't support it.

Do you know of any good AOL progs?

No. I don't use or make those anymore. Don't ask me where to get a punter, pinter, phisher, phader, bot, scroller, freezer, waver, or anything else like that. Find one yourself on CNet or Google.

Do you work for AOL?


Are you a hacker?


Are you a cracker?


Who are you, then?

Nobody of consequence. Just because I have a nickname or handle doesn't mean I'm in a group, club, gang, or mafia. And if you see some AOL progger out there with the handle "Momo", it's not me.

Thanks for the neat stuff. What can I do for you?

Spread the word, hummingbird.