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How to send BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) e-mail on AOL

When you send an email to a large number of people, whatever your reasons may be, you give each person on that mailing list the chance to send a reply to all of the recipients. Sometimes, you may not want that option to exist...or, perhaps, you don't even want them to know who else the message was sent to.

Sending a mail as a Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) solves that problem. Instead of seeing a To: or CC: field with numerous addresses, the recipient sees only this (where recipient shows only their own email address):

Subject:   interesting information
Date:12:01 AM PST 01-01-00

To do this, enclose the addresses in your To: or CC: textbox with parentheses, like this:

(ScreenName1, ScreenName2, ScreenName3, Person@domain.com, Person@domain.net)

And send your mail as usual. This works with both AOL addresses and internet addresses.

Note: If you send the e-mail to yourself, the BCC addresses won't be hidden. This is so you know who you sent it to. Don't worry, everyone else will get the mail with the BCC addresses hidden.

Another Note: Don't even think about using this method to send spam to a ton of people. It's really easy to report spammers on AOL, and your account will be cancelled immediately.