August 8, 2010 - 11:09 PDT

My webhost probably wasn't going to provide PHP 5.3, and Beanstalk doesn't provide SVN+SSH repository access on their free accounts. So I've dropped both services, and now I'm on a Linode VPS running my own LAMP stack and a Subversion server. I love it already. Time to configure this new framework and start writing some code. :)

July 31, 2010 - 00:46 PDT

Busy, busy, busy. But I find myself here again.

I'm working at yet another internet startup, with more experience under my belt and even more to gain working on this new project. This time I'm actually working with PHP on a regular basis, as we've split our app into a PHP frontend that talks to a Java backend via JSON-RPC. It's pretty neat, and the day-to-day coding in our project is really making me itch to update this site (which uses PHP) for 2010.

So I got myself a free private Beanstalk repository for this project, which in itself is kind of motivating because it's always satisfying (for me, at least) to commit code to version control. And I finally enabled SSH access on my host, which means I get to make some nifty deploy scripts and never have to deal with FTP ever again. The only hitch right now is that I have to wait for my hosting company to hook me up with PHP 5.3 and I don't know if they're gonna do that. There's also the "not enough time in the week" thing I've got going right now too, so maybe the next post will be in another year. Hah!